Webster Bank Secured Credit Card – Low Annual Fee and Improve Credit History

June 13, 2012

Hard working Americans in Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and Massachusetts often look to Webster Bank to help them with their financial needs.  Individuals who have a good credit score and want to further improve their credit history may want to think about a Webster Bank secured credit card.  Unfortunately, not all borrowers will be able to take advantage of the low annual fee but this does not mean they should not at least apply.

Applying for a Webster Bank Secured Credit Card Online

Over the last several years it has become much easier to apply for a credit card, home loan or personal loan online.  In fact, many Americans are now applying online much more than in the mail or via the telephone.  The online application is much easier as you can hit submit and known immediately if you qualify.  Some borrowers are getting notices in the mail that give them a verification code to let them know they have been preapproved.  This might help some gain confidence to submit the application online.

There are many great resources available on the WebsterOnline.com website but you might want to consider using this link to submit the application.  The apply now link will go through a security check before sending you to the actual application.  This is very important as you do not want to give up your social security or other person information for people to find.

How Much Credit Can I Get with a Secured Credit Card?

This question will only be answered by the bank or credit card company.  Whether you are getting a Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card or American Express you must qualify with a annual salary and attractive credit score.  If you claim to make more money than you actually do you will find that it is harder to qualify for a credit card or personal loan in the future.  Even if you only make $25,000 a year it is important to be honest on these credit card applications.

The general rule is that most banks and financial institutions will allow you credit of less than 10% of your annual salary.  If you make $50,000 a year you can expect to get a credit card with a maximum balance around $5,000.  This can change based on the debts you have outstanding.  If you have $40,000 in outstanding debts and you are struggling to make ends meet it could be the case that a bank or financial institution denies you a credit card.

When looking to apply for a Webster Bank secured credit card remember that you must have some type of collateral. This can be stocks, bonds, a vehicle or car, a home or anything of value.  Having the ability to secure a credit card with collateral will make it much easier to get through the application process.  Note that secured credit cards often have lower interest rates but that is not always the case.  Some secured credit cards have interest rates as high as 20%.

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