Georgia Bad Credit Unsecured Personal Loans – Cheap Cash Installment Loans for $100, $500 and $1000 Available Online or at Banks

February 2, 2012

With the overall economy still struggling in many areas of the south it comes as no surprise that a large percentage of Georgia residents are seeking Georgia bad credit unsecured personal loans.  When looking for cheap cash installment loans of $100, $500 or $1000 it is very important for customers to realize that higher interest rates are very likely.  Please make sure to check out the personal installment loan options in small towns in Georgia below.

The fact that customers have made poor financial decisions in the recent past means that lenders are going to be very strict with their practices.  With most bad credit lenders it is true that customers could pay an interest rate as high as 20% or more.  Rather than allowing a high interest rate to make life miserable it might be a very good idea to research methods to improve a credit score.  Simply paying down high interest credit card, personal loans or student loans could go a very loan way towards improving a credit score.

Personal Installment Loans in Small Towns and Cities in GA

Over the course of time I am going to update this page to document some of the banks, credit unions and other lenders that can assist borrowers when it comes to getting Georgia bad credit personal installment loans.  Note that not every bank will offer installment loans but many FDIC insured institutions offer some type of unsecured opportunities.

The links below will provide information on your small town.  Please feel free to use some of the resources provide and make sure to improve a credit history before taking out any type of loan in the near future.

Shady Dale, Georgia
Ila, Georgia

Eton, Georgia

Shady Dale, Georgia Personal Loan Options

For Shady Dale residents it might be smart to make the short trip to Eatonton to find some local credit unions and community banks.  Some of the options include Lake Oconee Community Bank and Farmers and Merchants Bank.  A trip north on 83 will allow borrowers to find banks in Madison.  Some of the popular banks in this town include Bank of Madison, SunTrust Bank and Regions Bank.

Before borrowing money with a bad credit score it would be smart to check a credit history report to make certain that there are no mistakes or errors.  If there are any mistakes or errors on a credit history report it could cause huge problems in the near future.  If these mistakes are fixed most borrowers will be able to receive  much lower interest rates.

Ila, Georgia Bad Credit Installment Personal Loans Close By

Most of the people looking to borrow money in Ila, Georgia would be smart to drive down 98 to Danielsville to check out BB&T or First Madison Bank & Trust.  If Danielsville is not an option then you may want to head west to Commerce.  Some of the bank lender names in Commerce include Regions Bank, First Commerce Bank and United Community Bank.  When looking for local community banks either Commerce or Danielsville are probably the closest options.

Farm equipment and motorcycle loans will likely be very popular in the Ila, Georgia area.  Not that a bad credit installment loan can be used for almost anything but it would be smart to tell the bank that you plan on using the loan for a good reason.  If you are simply going to use the loan to get a new dirt bike or sport bike then you might want to consider adjusting the way you are thinking.  Banks do not want to hand out bad credit loans for those simply looking to have some fun.

Eton, GA Loan Options for Bad Credit Borrowers

If you live in Eton, GA and you are seeking bad credit loan options then it might be best to hop on 441 and head south to Chatsworth.  There are several bank options available in Chatsworth including First National Bank Chatsworth, Regions Bank, Appalachian Community Bank, and Wells Fargo Bank.  Note that all of these banks will not offer bad credit personal loans but many should help you come up with the extra money you need.

If you are looking for $250, $500, $1000 or $5000 there should be opportunities available in Chatsworth.  If you are having trouble finding a bank that will offer bad credit loans I would suggest looking online for some unsecured personal loan options.  There are many online loan companies that can help but make sure to avoid payday loans as the fees can be very high.

Banks Offerings Loans in Georgia

When looking to borrow money with a bad credit unsecured personal loan in the state of Georgia many will look to local community banks or credit unions.  Here are some of the more popular banks with headquarters in the state of Georgia:

  • SunTrust Bank
  • Synovus Bank
  • United Community Bank
  • Ameris Bank
  • State Bank and Trust Company
  • BB&T Financial
  • Community & Southern Bank
  • Fidelity Bank
  • Georgia Bank & Trust Company of Augusta
  • The Brand Banking Company
  • CharterBank
  • Colony Bank
  • Heritage Bank of the South
  • United Bank
  • Hamilton State Bank
  • The Heritage Bank

As in most states, Bank of America, Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo also have a large presence in the state of Georgia.  Before jumping into any type of bank loan or bad credit loan it might be smart to check out the free annual credit report available from the Federal Government.  This free credit report will help customers understand what can be improved quickly when it comes to a financial history.  Unfortunately, most Americans do not access this resource each and every year.

Some of the largest cities in the state of Georgia include:

  • Atlanta
  • Augusta
  • Columbus
  • Savannah
  • Athens
  • Sandy Springs
  • Macon
  • Roswell
  • Albany
  • Johns Creek

Most of these areas have plenty of financial institutions that should help customers find opportunities to borrow money.  When looking to borrow cheap cash it might be smart to drive into one of these cities to get more options.  There are many small community banks throughout the state that should also help customers find what they are looking for when it comes to installment loans.

For those looking to borrow a significant amount over $1000 it might be smart to sit down with a financial calculator and crunch some numbers.  By doing this they will likely see that a high interest rate could cause them many more payments over the course of the loan term.  These payments will also be higher as customers will have to pay a significant amount more solely in interest plus the principal.  Rather than paying all this interest it might be smart to put down a large down payment or simply borrow the money with low interest rate loan products.

Over the next several months millions will look to borrow money for a home, car, or purchase needs.  It would be wise to check up on current interest rates before doing so.  Here are some resources that should help to better understand current rates:

As we continue to see interest rates at historic lows most Americans are more than willing to borrow a significant amount of cash. It is always smart to create a strong budget and make certain that bills can be paid down in a timely manner.  Not doing so can make a financial life very difficult in the near future.  When looking for online cheap cash loans it is always suggested that customers step back and think about how the money will be paid back.

For those with a poor or extremely bad credit score it might be smart to look at all options before borrowing any amount of money even if it is $100. With interest rates and fees being very high on unsecured loans it might be smart to create a very strict weekly or monthly budget. It is not only the case that borrowers should create this budget but they will need to stick to it as well. This can be the hard part of the process but it will help them save hundreds and even thousands of dollars over the course of the loan term.


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